Chinese New Year, How to Get Luck Yebo Casino’s Tips

It is the last day before the New Lunar Year, the year of the Dog, a lucky year by all accounts. The dog itself being is a symbol of luck. Of course we are all sensible enough to know that luck does not exist (only if you are not a real money gambler) but let us pretend for a bit that good fortune does exist. Below are some things that you should observe in order to keep the luck.

chinese newyear celebrations



There is a lot of bad luck associated with bringing the dirt of the last year into the year. This means that you have to be done cleaning up before the New Year arrives. Even if you are not a fan of it, take time to tidy up. Your luck might depend on it.

Give Away Some Cash

You cannot do this in any random fashion. There is proper etiquette that has to be observed otherwise you will mess up the luck. The money is given in Red envelopes. Red is traditionally considered a lucky colour by the Chinese. This means that decorating and wearing red will  attract energies associated with luck. Oh, by the  way the cash has to be new bills and not in denominations of 4. 4 sounds like death in Chinese.

Scare Away the Evil New Year Spirit

pic of fireworks during chinese newyear 2018We are quite sure that the greater majority of South African gamblers do not want to associate with the “Evil” New Year Spirit. It just seems as though it is not the one that will result in a real money jackpot. And scaring it away is not that hard, just watch fireworks.

Yebo Casino’s Final Tip Before the Year Of the Dog

There are a lot of things in this life, some that we can control and some that we do not understand. Real money online casino gaming is the one place where the distinction between these two is no longer visible. The result is that thrilling feeling that we all experience as we place our bets.

All that said, a good sound gambling strategy is never a bad idea. Regardless of what you believe.


Africans at the Winter Olympics

It is now 30 years since the myth that you need a snowy winter in order to be a winter Olympian was effectively shattered. The Jamaican Bobsleigh team led the way and so many Africans have followed en masse. This year the Winter Olympics are already dubbed the African Games because of the number of African’s participating. 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics have the highest attendance by African countries.

connor wilson leading SA team at winter olympics 2018

Already Winners


It is not an easy feat to qualify for the Olympics. An athlete or team has to meet the performance limits set by the Olympic committee. Qualifying requires not just skill and talent but lots of money. All sporting activities require money. That is why most Olympic teams are sponsored by their host nation. Something that most African winter Olympians did not enjoy.

Overcoming Against all Odds

Really all odds were against the athletes and many hopefuls failed to make it to the Pyeongchang games. Not only were training facilities not available in their home countries but there were so many other things.

One of the top things that really affected most of the Olympians those that are going to represent Africa and those that failed is funding. All lot of money is required just to participate in the Olympics. Naturally, this means that even more money is required to participate successfully.

Most governments in Africa are running on very tight budgets. This means that there is very little money for “experimental adventures” like going to the winter Olympics. The result was that despite having the full support of their governments the athletes had to find funds themselves.

Rising African Flags High

The South African flag will be flown high at the Olympics by Connor Wilson but this time it is one among many. South Africa was first represented at the Winter Olympics in1 960 but like the rest of the continent, we are still to win a medal at the Winter Olympic Games. Regardless, Yebo Casino salutes all these athletes who allow the rest of us to dare to dream.

Yebo Casino is Debunking Blackjack Myths this December

Blackjack is one of the most common casino games. This game with a low house edge is a favourite not only at Yebo Casino in South Africa but all over the world. The game is a game that is associated with the best of all that is casino. Blackjack offers gamblers the joy of playing a game of chance and the comfort of having a level of control on the outcome. That is why the game is loved by millions worldwide.

pic with key hole and gambling symbols

Blackjack Myths


As a wildly popular game, there are bound to be several urban legends that are associated with it. Over the centuries a lot of stories have gone around about how the game works and how best to beat the game. Some of the stories are based on truth and others are just the tales of old gamblers. We are going to put into the clear some of the myths associated with blackjack.

Debunking Blackjack Myths

  1. Card counting works and it is a real strategy that has been used by several casino game players to beat the house. The reality is that this is not something that anyone can start doing, it needs a lot of practice. Even the super intelligent have to horn in the strategy.
  2. Hot or Cold dealers only exist because we allow them to. As gamblers, there is no way that we are going to deny the existence of the force of luck and bad luck. However, the game has a set house edge, therefore, it will just be going through its cycles. The cold moments compensate for the hot moments. It’s the circle of gambling get used to it.
  3. Online blackjack games are rigged. This is one of the new blackjack myths, it was only born after the coming online of the first internet casino. Only renegade casinos do such a thing, all other properly regulated casino games have their games audited for fairness regularly.

The best way to win at blackjack is to become a regular player. This why you need to find the game that is perfect for you. Happy Festive gambling at Yebo Casino.

Online Casino Bankroll Management 101

As part of the festive drive to educate South African real money gamblers on the top gambling practices, Yebo Casino is taking you back to school on the cornerstone of every successful online gambling strategy. Bankroll Management!

Bankroll management is the science of planning how you are going to optimize your available funds to ensure success while gambling. Regardless of whether you are gambling in live casinos, online casinos or mobile casinos the principles remain the same. You need to manage how you are going to play so that you survive the bad patches long enough to get to the winning streaks.

bankroll management 101

Bankroll Management Basics


  1. The most important thing when planning to play casino games for a long time is never to gamble with money you cannot afford to lose. Playing with money that is meant to pay bills is the worst thing a gambler can do. This causes extra pressure on the gambler and the stress can lead to making imperfect gameplay which increase the punter’s chances of losing.
  2. Pace your gameplay. You do not want to spend all the money that you have set aside for casino gaming in a couple of minutes. The idea is to drag your bankroll to allow you as many bets as possible for the session. A good way to do this is to find a bet size that is low enough to keep you in the game but high enough to make the wins meaningful.
  3. Play casino games that you understand. This is a key strategy for managing the bankroll. The tactic will make sure that you do not lose money unnecessarily.
  4. Reduce your bet during losing streaks and increase bets during winning streaks. Winning and losing streaks are natural occurrences when gambling. When you are losing reduce the amount you are betting on each game and if you lose all the money set aside for that session stop. During winning streaks increasing your bet will give you bigger rewards.
  5. Know when to stop. This means when to stop chasing loses and when to walk away from a winning streak. This is one skill that has proved dominant in most professional real money gambling.

Yebo Casino wishes you the very best in your real money gambling this Christmas and in the New Year

How to claim a Lottery Jackpot

Researchers have discovered that the majority of gamblers do not think that they will win the jackpot. This would seem strange considering that they are playing the game in order to win the jackpot. The reality is that now the majority of people that are gambling do it more for the thrill than the prizes. Only a small percentage of people that are gambling do it professionally.

pic showing lottery claim form

Therefore as you can imagine this means that the bulk of jackpot winners have no clue on how to claim a lottery jackpot. Not the paperwork part of it, obviously the gambling establishment would handle that. It is the way that you are supposed to behave after winning the jackpot that we want to discuss.


Lottery winner Etiquette

No, we are not talking about how to smile and look presentable as the photos of you with your big cheque are being taken. Instead we are talking about the very opposite of this. There is a very serious issue of security after winning a large jackpot.

Publicly held lotteries usually demand that the winner does some publicity work for them. There is nothing sinister behind this. In fact it helps other gamblers to know that the system works and it is not a scam. Below are a couple of things that you want to do in order to maintain your privacy and protect your money in case you win a major jackpot.

  1. Try claim through a third party like an attorney at law
  2. Disclose as little information about your personal life to the public. This is the newspapers and other forms of media
  3. Consider relocating to another area. The people in your area will know about your new found fortune and will share your success story with anyone who wants to listen. Not out of wanting to cause harm but rather because they are proud of you.

The most important thing after winning a jackpot is to try and improve your security. Money like that naturally attracts thieves. Those that will not break in at night will try talk you out of your money. This means maintaining your privacy is also important. It is Yebo Casino’s policy to protect the identity of our members, especially those that win big in South Africa.

Dinosaurs of South Africa

Yebo casino is the home of many dinosaurs and even Megasuars. Therefore it is definitely good news that there is another carnivorous dinosaur to rule over South Africa with the T-Rex on that awesome real money slot. Ambrokholohali is the name of the latest carnivorous dinosaur to be discovered in South Africa. Besides the fact that the large pre-historic flesh eater was not discovered at Yebo Casino, it is indeed a newsworthy discovery.

researcher lying next to dinosaur tracks

The tracks unearthed by a team of scientists. UCT scientists were the leaders of the group of researchers with members from Manchester, UK and Sao Paulo, Brazil. The discovery was made in the Roma Valley of Lesotho. It was a large footprint that measured more than half a metre in both width and length.

According to a statement from UCT, the three-toed footprint is the first evidence of a large pre-historic predator roaming Southern Africa. It is estimated that the beast lived nearly 200 million years ago.

What makes the find Unique

There have been several pre-historic finds in Southern Africa that point to the existence of dinosaurs on this side of the continent. The tracks which were found at Emeritus Professor David Ambrose’s (hence the name) old site provide evidence of megatheropod dinosaurs that lived in the early Jurassic days.

This new species of dinosaur has tracks that are similar to only one other site which is in Poland, in the Holy Cross Mountains. Although there is a slight difference in the size of the tracks with the tracks being found in Poland being a little bit bigger.

diagram of estimated size of new dinosaur found in SA

Credit to the Professor for recording the very easy to miss fossils in Lesotho which lead to this outstanding discovery. The carnivorous dinosaur is estimated to have been 9 metres long and 2.7metres tall, at the hip. This would have made it a giant predator in a landscape populated by herbivores, omnivores and small carnivores.