Dying in the 21st Century

While we know that we are all going to die sometime we all do not want it to be soon. There are many reasons why people fear death. One of them happens to be the same reason we also love playing real money casino games, fear of the unknown. That uncertainty about the future has the ability to provide the thrills necessary to make real money gambling entertaining. It also has the ability to paralyse us with fear as we try to imagine this personal journey that very few have documented.  Even worse is the fear of what will happen to our loved ones who we live behind.

The Best And Worst Ways to Die

There are a lot of lists of what they call they “best” and the “worst” ways to die. But Yebo  Casino thinks it is all crazy talk. There is no way that is good to say goodbye to this world. Scientist use many tools to try and debunk mysteries of death but up to now, there are only have verge ideas.

enjoy life now Some people believe that the faster you die the better. And this is easily acceptable as the person will not have not have a lot of time to think about the death. It is commonly accepted that the fear of death is actually worse than death itself. This means the moments spent thinking about death are worse than the actual dying.

The result is that dying through Crucification and the Brazen Bull rank top among the worst ways to die in history. As each breath becomes more difficult you are hit by the realization that you will never breathe comfortably again.

Dying in the 21st Century

While these barbaric ways of ending someone’s life are now generally frowned upon the human body still remains very fragile. We are now exposed to a lot of dangers in our everyday lives. Usually, nature is subtle as it eliminates us from existence. But sometimes it chooses to be spectacular about it.

Whichever it is, we hope that you would have lived a full life. This is more important than how we end it.

Yebo Casino Celebrates the Life of Winnie Mandela

In death as in life the outspoken anti-apartheid activist Winifred Zanyiwe Madikizela-Mandela still manages to inspire a strong emotional response. Although she has been dubbed “mother of the nation” she is a true heroine to women and oppressed people all over the world. Her contribution to the nation of South Africa will always be cherished.

More than Tata’s Wife

a younger Winnie Mandela The late Winnie Mandela was a brand in herself. Or rather it is better to say that she was a “firebrand”. While the inceration of the husband would have broken most women resulting in them quitting the fight, this was not the case for Winnie. She went on to become a beacon of hope and an icon in South Africa’s battle against apartheid in her own right.
Born in the Eastern Cape Province in 1936, Winifred met Nelson Mandela in 1957. This was in Johannesburg where she was studying Social Work. The Bizana native was soon Married to the lawyer and anti-apartheid activist.
Their married life did not last long as Nelson Mandela was imprisoned in 1962. Continued persecution on Mama and the family by the regime of the day did not break her resolve. This remarkable woman was able to bear it all and even find time to for the community

A Mother to a Nation

Winnie Mandela is renowned for having kept the fire of the struggle alive. However, it was her genuine desire to help others that made the nation fall in love with her. Her home was always open to visitors from those that needed material help to those who needed the advice of a political giant.

Fighting the good fight to the End

There is nothing more difficult than keeping a name clean. Especially after having fought and brought down a system. But as we lay “Mama” to rest we try and remember what it is was that she really fought for. Freedom and Equality.
We honour for the work that she did to bring South Africa to where is, despite all the hardships that were thrown her way. She clearly showed the world never to underestimate the strength of a woman.

Ambition and Gambling

Never before has ambition been a good thing as in the 21st century. Now the more ambitious that someone is the more preferred they are in an organization. While it was ambition that caused Brutus and gang to murder Julius Caesar. But today we know that healthy ambition is good even for real money gamblers.

Ambition as a Gambler

To what end? This is a common question that all humans ask themselves whenever we are about to embark on anything. The act might be an active one or it might occur at a subconscious level but it does occur.
When you are playing casino games the obvious benefits are the fun and the real money rewards. There is nothing therefore that stops anyone from being an ambitious gambler. After all, there are two very clear goals to aim for.

Expression of a Gambler’s Ambition

Most of us already display traits of being ambitious. In pursuit of getting real fun the majority of us will change from one casino to the other until we find Yebo Casino, the top online Casino in South Africa. This is because of that desire to get the best entertainment for our money.
In a world where information is easily available the bulk of real money gamblers are studying up on how to improve their real money gambling. Clearly, this is because they have the ambition to win real money regularly. When this ambition results in tangible products like increased wins the body’s reward centre lights up. This produces the good feeling we have after winning.

The Best Online Gambling in Mzansi

The world has thousands of real money internet casinos. If your casino gaming ambition includes having great fun and winning real Rands in prize money then Yebo Casino is the place to play. New games are added regularly and the wins are paid out timeously.

Best Story Tellers

No, the best story tellers are not real money gamblers. Yebo Casino seriously wanted to rig the poll so that the result would be in favour of online casino players but that is difficult when being fair is your way of life.
You will find that the results point towards people who venture out as the best story tellers. Several years ago this would mean if you wanted to be a good storyteller you would have to enjoy travelling. This is no longer the case.
The online revolution allows anyone to go anywhere. This is one of the powers that the internet possess. An ordinary train ride to work can turn into epic experience at an online casino or a visit to a distant land.

Once upon a time

How to become a great storyteller


The only thing that you need to do to become a great story teller is to get a lot of exposure. While natural creativity is an advantage, it can be learnt. When you are exposed to a lot of stories from many different places you learn techniques to tell stories.
Listening, reading and watching other people tell their stories whether real life events or fiction enhances your own ability. Allowing yourself to be part of someone else’s experience allows you to tell develop the skills necessary to captivate your own audience.

Gambler’s, the Best Storytellers

It only becomes natural that gamblers make up a huge propotion of the best story tellers in the world. Daily we let real money slots take us on journeys to fantastic places. As we met and socialize with other gamblers at land based and even online casino we share stories. These stories have formed the huge bank of gambling tales that we now have.

Yebo Casino Welcomes You to April

The month of April is like no other. And this is year Easter Sunday coincides with April Fool’s Day. This is not the first time it has happened and it definitely will not be the last. If this is your first April with Yebo Casino, get ready for a great real money gambling adventure.

Not All About the Money

It is very difficult for a real money online casino to claim to focus on anything else but the money. Especially in a world where everything has been commercialized. But, Yebo Casino has always been Bill Hicks about having a good time.
So as the month starts off with a Holiday it is easy to focus on the fun which is an integral part of casino gaming. Let Yebo Casino keep you entertained this April with our huge portfolio of real money casino games. Available on the go, you can play the top online casino games from anywhere in the world. As long as there is a mobile internet connection you can gamble and win real money.

All about the Money

As we mentioned earlier it is difficult to stay away from the money. After all the thrills of playing casino games are in winning the money.
So, let us start with the biggest prizes. All the progressive jackpot games have reached several millions in potential prizes. And it is the Aztec Millions real money progressive slot that leads the pack with a R17 million jackpot prize.
If you are a newbie to the casino you still have access to the R12,000 welcome bonus. This is Yebo Casino’s way of helping you get started on your real money casino gaming. Regulars at the casino have been enjoying the many loyalty promotions that run every week. Check out the promotion’s page to be sure you are prejudicing yourself.

April at Yebo Casino

Naturally, we cannot end this post by talking about money. So a little trivia for you.
April is the first month with 30 days on the calendar. No one is too sure why the Romans gave the month that name. The next time April Fool’s Day will be on Easter Sunday will be in 2028. We hope that you will still be playing at Yebo Casino and reading this blog.

Football in March

There is never a month when there isn’t any football action. But the month of March always presents champions league draw an interesting scenario for real money gamblers. It is during March that many draws for the final rounds of many cups across the globe are held. There is a relatively large number of real money online casino game players at Yeb Casino who also bet on soccer.

Fresh Betting Options

The three cup draws that we are going to discuss as part of this post are not the only ones in the world. They are the ones that we have judged to be the most important to gamblers in Mzansi. These draws are for the UEFA Champions League, the Nedbank Cup and the CAF Champions League.

All the draws are being conducted in a space of two weeks. Actually, the Nedbank Draw on the 15 of March comes just one day before the UEFA Champions League draw.

The Nedbank Draw decides how the last 8 teams will play. With only one team remaining from the National First Division it is any one’s guess on who will win the cup. The date of the final will also be announced at the same event.

On the very next day, the UEFA Champions League draw will be conducted. The battle to make it to the final eight is on and no one will be taking prisoners. In 2018 the final will be held in Ukraine. Look out for the celebrity draw assistants. Since the final is in his home country, soccer star Shevchenko might on the podium helping with the draw.

For the CAF draw football fans will have to wait for another 5 days. This draw is to pair the teams for the group stages of the competition. The ceremony is scheduled to be held in Egypt Cairo.

Once the teams are paired and the match dates confirmed it is gambling time. Keep up to date with the latest news gambling and trends to make sure that you make the right bet.