Yebo Casino’s Tips for Gambling South Africa 2018

South Africa might be a unique nation with a history and heritage that has made it a place where Yebo Casino and other South Africans are proud to call home. However, gambling is the same regardless of where you are. Even when playing real money casino games online or on mobile the principles of gambling remain the same.
Therefore, the tips that we are giving below will also work for gambler’s in Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Kenya and all other parts of the country. The bulk of the tips apply to all forms of casino gambling but some are more specific to online and mobile gaming. This is because already more than 70% of Africa’s gambling income is coming from internet gambling.

pic showing chalk board,gambling chips and roulette table

Real Money Gambling Tips

i. The Bankroll is still at the centre of any serious gambling strategy. Knowing when to quit is not a story that is told gambler’s to encourage responsible gambling. Rather is the heart of all strategies used by professional gamblers. That is why at the end of the year they have net positive wins at the casino. Set and stick to your bankroll. This is a winning strategy.
ii. Do not Play Games that you are not familiar with. Unless if you feel like you will have a lucky bet but this is not a good strategy when you want to spend the rest of the year whacking big wins. Play the games that you understand well and you will win more regularly. This does not mean that new casino game players should quit immediately. Online casinos offer a lot of their games to play in free mode and they also give free spins and other bonuses. Use this to improve your gameplay.
iii. Value. There are a lot of casinos offering casino games in South Africa, make sure you get value for your Rand. Play at casinos that offer massive bonuses, have awesome games and have dedicated support staff. Many South African casino game players know to trust Yebo Casino for quality gambling. After all, we are South Africa’s #1 online casino

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