Casino Games in Space

By 2021 people will be able to go on vacation to a Space Hotel. All this is dependent on whether billionaire Robert Bigelow is successful in his planning. The proposed luxury Space hotel will be able to house up to six people at a time. Truly, the Space Age has dawned on humanity.

No Long er a Distant Dream

Space Tourism is nothing new to South Africans. The first African and the second space tourist in the world is South African. Mark Shuttleworth, who made his money with the Linux Based Ubuntu OS, went into space in 2002.

Since then there have been dozens of space tourists. Space Adventures, a company based in Virginia, USA has been sending space tourists to the International Space Station for more than a decade. However, the cost of the trip is between R200 and 600 million Rands per individual.

Now you must be obviously thinking this is out of your reach. Even after winning the massive jackpot on offer on the Aztec Millions real money slot you will still be shot several hundreds of millions. But technology is advancing at a very rapid pace.

The Future

Space travel just like air travel is set to decline in price. Already Bigelow Space Operations is estimating that the cost of a two-week stay at their Space Hotel will cost around US$10 million. This is a more than a fifty percent drop in price. As technology continues to advance and more economical ways are invented to explore space the cost of going into outer space will come crashing to the ground.

To know where we are going we need to know where we have been. In the last 30 or so years, the cost of flying has dropped. Not the cost to the passenger but to the airline. Naturally, the decrease in costs for the service provider results in lower prices for the consumer. The major reason for the prices going down by more than 50% has been the change in legislation and more efficient air travel.

Casino in Space

This is not something that will happen in the next 5 to 10 years. However, if space travel advances at the rate of Air Travel did then we should be able to afford a trip to space within our lifetime. And once the tourist arrivals increase, we are sure that the Las Vegas Based Bigelow Aerospace will make a plan to provide real money gambling in Space.

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