Car Racing Gambling in South Africa

In South Africa, we love sports betting and gambling; our love for sports is an integral part of our culture. While you would typically expect football, cricket, rugby, and horse racing to take centre stage, there is a newcomer that is turning heads in the scene. Car racing gambling in South Africa is one of the next big sports that is kicking off with punters.

As more punters turn towards motorsports and accessibility continues to improve with the increased flexibility of mobile and online sportsbooks, the sky truly is the limit.

If you are new to the online sports gambling scene, rest assured that your Rand is safe, as online gambling is entirely safe and legal – provided you do so with licensed casinos and sportsbooks in South Africa.

Which Motorsports are Most Popular to Bet on in SA?

There are quite a few options for motorsports to bet on, but it will depend on where you prefer to place your bets. Not all sportsbooks offer the same markets. The most popular car racing and motorsports to bet on from around the world include:

Formula One

This is the world’s most well-known motorsport, with races taking place across the globe. Formula One is the most popular motorsport that South Africans bet on. 

Some of the big names in Formula One are Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas, Daniel Ricciardo Max Verstappen, and Charles Leclerc.

Betting on the F1 is excellent because the markets are open and give plenty of opportunities to seal a win with outright race winners or top-three podium finishes – similar to horse racing (which SA knows all about!)


The IndyCar scene is the American competition equivalent of Formula One. While this form of car racing is not as popular among South Africans as others, it is certainly gaining traction beyond the USA markets.


South Africans are fond of Aussie sports, and in the motor racing world, the V8 Supercars lead the pack in Australia. These cars are powerful, the races are fast, the crashes are spectacular (albeit scary), and each event or meeting includes many different races to complement the main event.


NASCAR is massive in America, especially the South, and it is becoming huge within some regions of South Africa. What is so attractive about NASCAR is that the races are long, which creates a sense of excitement that you get with more significant events.

The NASCAR racing meets in America are held relatively frequently throughout the season with a meet on average about once every two weeks.

Even better, each of the races have their feel and style to them that makes them well-known and looked forward to by much of the country – similar to Aussie supercars.

World Rally Championship

Rally Car racing is picking up momentum around the world, and South Africa has noticed. In the World Rally Championship, punters can bet on a variety of odds and markets including the qualifying and primary races.

These races are exciting because they are offroad and they offer a look at some of the wildest and breathtaking places in the world. If you have checked out a live WRC meet recently, you might have seen some of the big crashes or the cars flying through the air around corners. These moments often go viral on the internet for obvious reasons!

Gambling on Motorbike Racing

Although these are not typical car racing, the motorbike sports world is growing within SA and offer many chances at picking up solid returns on your Rand. Punters in South Africa can place a bet at many sportsbooks online for the speedway and the Moto GP. These are the most common motorbike racing leagues in the world.

No matter which type of motorsport you are gambling on, you can be sure that it will be a fun and exciting time!

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