Capetown Dam levels Rise

The Motherland has not been forsaken. After being struck by a drought last year, Capetown dam levels have remarkably increased. For the first time in 18 months, the mother of all cities has been graced with good news. The dam levels in Capetown have exceeded the much-predicted level of 60% and the joy is prolonging as the levels keep increasing.

Capetown city fathers along with the South African Weather Service confirmed the good news. They reported that the levels have increased from 60.1 % to 60.7 %. The figures are absolutely remarkable and we are witnessing greater improvements in the Cape of Good Hope.

The catchment areas have benefited a lot from the rains. This has triggered rising dam levels in Capetown. Just like how Scatters symbol triggers the Free Spin bonus in the Money Dance Online Slot.

Capetown Rains Continues

The rains in Capetown are showing any sign of tentativeness. This Monday morning there are reports from the Weather Services pertaining the rains will continue during the day. The good news is that the rains will not be too heavy therefore no floods will strike the Mother City. There is no need for Capetonians to prepare themselves for any floods. Rather they can

capetowns rains

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Charlotte Powell the spokesperson of Capetown Disaster Management she highlighted that there are certain areas where people have been affected by the weather. However, she insisted that all those people who have been affected are being attended and there is no need to panic. Areas which have been affected by the rains include Langa, Witzenberg and Khayelitsha but all the matters are being attended to thoroughly.