Cape Town Carnival

The natural beauty of Cape Town and the Pizazz of the town make it the perfect venue for a street carnival. Capetonians have a special way of adding sparkle to anything making all their festivals fun events. Coming on the 17th of March, this year’s Cape Carnival is right on queue for the St Patrick’s Day celebrations. All the conditions are set for an outstanding.

Carnival Every Day

There are carnivals running in different parts of the world and at different times. Obviously, they are for different reasons. Some carnivals are religiously based and are characterized by binge drinking like St Patrick’s Day. Then there are other carnivals which celebrate the things that are endemic to that particular region.

The Cape Carnival is one of those carnivals that celebrates the best things about Cape Town and the rest of South Africa. This carnival has a unique Rainbow Nation feel that can only be fully experienced at Green Point. The carnival might not be as grand as the Rio Carnival but what it lacks in size, it compensates with style.

Real Money Carnivals

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The Mother of All Carnivals

This year the theme for the Cape Carnival is “Mother City, Mother Nature”. Cape Town is the known as the “Mother City” and therefore there is a need to lead the way to a Greener future.

The carnival attracts thousands of people from within the country and outside. Costume designs this year is expected to be very floral as they will be inspired by nature. This means that the parade will be more colourful than a real money slot.