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South Africa, The Best Place To Get A Penis Transplant

No, it is not a joke. People are actually getting penis transplants. Not for cosmetic reasons. It really is not funny business. There are several men in the world who are in desperate need of a penis. And donors are not forth coming.

We as the staff of Yebo Casino we shall send (or have sent) an appeal to management . To have just one promotion on this noble cause. To help encourage more men out there to donate their manhood. We have not done a lot of research into it but we are sure that they do not require it while you are still alive. Like your heart.

How This Fits Into The Positive News Section

Despite the scarcity of donors and medical expertise, the man was equipped. Living life without one is like playing the best online casino games for free. You get all the thrills but somehow playing for real money is just better.

Donors are so scarce that the lucky guy got the wrong colour penis. There were no donors within his race. The black guy got a white dick. The problem will be remedied by medical tattooing later. But for now this really lucky guy has a new party trick.

How You Come To Need A Penis Implant

The most common reason is circumcision gone wrong. However there are a lot of other reasons including bizarre accidents. Regions in Africa including Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland have a large need for such operations. This is because of traditional becoming-of-age ceremonies that involve circumcision. Which is often done under unsanitary conditions.

Call to Donate

An unusual term at online casinos but yes, give to the cause. If you are unwilling to part with your beloved after you depart then at least buy the guys at Stellenbosch University, Prof André van der Merwe and crew, a beer when you see them. First for doing a most noble deed, you do not know what you have until it’s gone. And second for doing the country proud. The institution is the only place that has conducted two successful penile transplants. Doctors in the USA are trying to reproduce the results from Cape Town. It is not often that South Africa leads and America follows especially in the tech field.

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