Bone Marrow Stem Cell Donation

South African Bone Marrow RegistryIt is inherent for humans to do well. Most normal human beings have to be pushed to be bad. That is why as Yebo Casino we are doing our part to make people conscious of the plight of blood disease sufferers. According to the South African Bone Marrow Registry, most people who suffer from blood diseases will have to undergo a bone marrow transplant. This naturally means that someone has to be a willing donor. So this calls for people to be generous. Just as your best online casino gives so many generous promotions with amazing real casino bonuses.

The Odds

Naturally, as a real money internet casino, we are very keen when it comes to statistics and odds. And in this case, the numbers are not looking that good. 70% of all people who want to get a bone marrow transplant have to find a donor who is not a donor. This variable is added to the matrix of finding a matching donor and the odds of success become 1:100 000.

For most real money gamblers those may seem like far odds since the odds of winning the jackpot prize are significantly higher. And people win frequently. But when the two are compared against the number of possible results you get a clearer picture. There are only 7 billion people as compared to a large number of combinations that can form at that 5 reel slot you love so much.

Yebo Casino honouring the legends

In memory of Professors Johannes Joseph van Rood, Yebo Casino is calling on South Africans to help improve the odds of finding a suitable donor. You can do this by registering as a Bone Marrow Donor.

“Jon” as the professor was affectionately known by his friends, family and colleagues passed away on July 21st. Even at the age of 91, he continued to be an inspiration, mentor and advisor to many. In the bone marrow and other sectors. He is the founder of the Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide. Vane Rood is also the co-founder of the World Bone Marrow association.