Blind Man Completes Bachelor of Education Diploma with Distinctions

20 years after losing his eyesight, a 36-year-old Ngodini man has completed a Bachelor of Education Diploma successfully, with distinctions. Judas Modala went blind after he was diagnosed with glaucoma in 1998. As a result, he dropped out of school. This was just after he had just completed grade 11.

Modala said that it was hard to make ends meet at the time. As a result, he decided to go and ask for help from the Mpumalanga Department of Education to ask for a job. However, the department thought it was best for Modala to go back to school instead.

Blind man Modala completed his Diploma
Blind Modala

Modala Kept on Believing

In 2012, he returned to school but had a hard time studying. This is because he had to use textbooks and question papers used by seeing students. However, he didn’t let that stop him.

He did his matric at home, with no teacher to help. Instead, his family would download software which helped him record his curriculum information. This strategy proved challenging for him even though he went on to pass his matric.

The education department subsequently funded him to study teaching. He went on to complete the course with full distinctions. He graduated this year.

Modala said that suddenly waking up blind practically rearranged his whole life. However, he was very happy that he didn’t let the odds get in the way of his success. He said he hoped that his story will inspire other blind people to continue living and being ambitious regardless.

Gerald Sambo, who is the education department spokesman of Mpumalanga, praised Modala’s achievement. He said that they (the department) were so proud of him for being a true example of determination and resilience. Sambo went on to say that they were very happy with Modala’s success. Also, he called out upon communities to give disabled persons a chance in life. This is because they are capable too.