Bitcoin Vs Gold, The Better Option

bitcoins and Gold Many spectators, speculators and analysts in the business world have been keeping tabs on the development of gold and the newly introduced Bitcoin. The two have been identified as the ideal methods of investment in the world of business.

However, these two valuables have some significant differences which can be easily spotted through the nature of the items themselves. Investors are very keen to invest in these two forms of money are becoming because the value of the gold and Bitcoin fluctuate most of the times. This gives rise to the opportunity to make some real money profits.


Gold is one of the most precious metals. It has been around for a very long time. It has been used as a form of currency for more than 2000 years. The supply of gold has  increased tremendously because of the many advancements in mechanisms to extract it from the ground. Gold is used to make expensive jewelry.


Like gold, the Bitcoin is also mined although the latter is mined electronically whilst gold is mined from the ground. Bitcoin miners validate the value of the product through transactions and the transaction can be turned into blocks. These blocks are thereafter turned to create a digital currency.

Bitcoin has become more popular in many sectors of the industry, with betting houses and online casinos accepting the method of payment. Yebo casino has embraced the use of Bitcoin as a method of payment and a way of gambling for real money. In fact your favourite internet casino in SA has always been tech savvy from its very first days

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