Best Story Tellers

No, the best story tellers are not real money gamblers. Yebo Casino seriously wanted to rig the poll so that the result would be in favour of online casino players but that is difficult when being fair is your way of life.
You will find that the results point towards people who venture out as the best story tellers. Several years ago this would mean if you wanted to be a good storyteller you would have to enjoy travelling. This is no longer the case.
The online revolution allows anyone to go anywhere. This is one of the powers that the internet possess. An ordinary train ride to work can turn into epic experience at an online casino or a visit to a distant land.

Once upon a time

How to become a great storyteller


The only thing that you need to do to become a great story teller is to get a lot of exposure. While natural creativity is an advantage, it can be learnt. When you are exposed to a lot of stories from many different places you learn techniques to tell stories.
Listening, reading and watching other people tell their stories whether real life events or fiction enhances your own ability. Allowing yourself to be part of someone else’s experience allows you to tell develop the skills necessary to captivate your own audience.

Gambler’s, the Best Storytellers

It only becomes natural that gamblers make up a huge propotion of the best story tellers in the world. Daily we let real money slots take us on journeys to fantastic places. As we met and socialize with other gamblers at land based and even online casino we share stories. These stories have formed the huge bank of gambling tales that we now have.