Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Begin Shooting Bad Boys for Life

The world is going crazy about the #10YearChallenge throwbacks and the “Bad Boys” have a better one. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are reprising their roles as Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett about 2 decades later. Bad Boys for life is actually coming your way.

The two stars were seen recently shooting scenes from the latest instalment of the popular franchise, Bad Boys for life. The third instalment of this movie is anticipated to hit cinemas in January 2020.

In a tweet 3 days ago, Will Smith told his followers that filming was about to commence. He further said that he and Lawrence had watched Bad Boys 1 and 2 together over the weekend. Smith promised their fans that it was about to get crazy.

Both Smith and Lawrence are now in their 50s. However, they are still in good shape. This is evidenced by a photo which shows Smith sprinting away from something. Another image shows Lawrence wearing bloodied bandage on his head, looking slightly less sick.

Bad Boys for Life Coming Soon

Back in November of 2018, the two stars made the announcement on Instagram. They appeared together in an Instagram video breaking the good news. Martin Lawrence also put up a candid picture of the two stars telling the fans that it was official.

Bad Boys For Life coming Soon
Bad Boy for Life coming your Way

In a clip where he filmed himself, Will Smith said that it was crazy and official. He mentioned that Bad Boys for life was happening but he didn’t say any more because he said the fans cannot handle any more.

Even though the plot of the show has not been confirmed yet, That Hashtag Show said that some details have been leaked. According to them, Bad Boys 3 will see Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) working as a private investigator. This is because he has fallen out with Mike Lowery (Will Smith).

Meanwhile, Lowery has to deal with being matched with a new, younger partner. The pair is reunited after the Albanian man puts out a death order on both men, for the killing of his brother.