Apple iPhone RIFD on its Way to Replace Your Passport

Apple is lining up a move for the iPhone to be a form of identity and replace a passport. The platform has a secure storage system using (Radio Frequency Identification) RFID. The system will enable travellers to use the iPhone in a more secure manner and also as an alternative to a passport at ports.

The proposed file was submitted on March 30 to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Patent application to the Trademark office explained how the system is going to be operating.  The system has been described as something very unique and out of this world.

The device comprised of a short-range radio which is namely RIFD or NFC, it has an element for holding data and the ability


to process the data. The use of the RIFD secures confidential data such as identification information which is provided by the authorities such as the driver’s license and the passport.

Verifying identities is often a challenge at ports of entry often. Now when that happens the device will be used to check the credentials by the authorities. The officials will use the device to do an authentic check with the user or the traveller.

The RIFD patent application narrated the rapid growth of e-passports.  There is a system that includes a chip that stores in an assortment of data by the user. This will help the customs service to see or identify if the person is who they say they are.

Apple iPhone Introducing a Paper-Free Environment

The introduction of the RFID system by Apple to chip in and replace passports is such a recommendable idea. A paper free environment is what many people are advocating for in many workplaces. You can even play online slots at Yebo Casino. Claim your payout without any paper forms to be filled in.