Amber Schlebusch Shines at Youth Olympics

Amber Schlebusch raised the South African flag high after claiming a gold medal at the undergoing Youth Olympics games. The 17-year-old scooped the medal after partaking in the Triathlon race staging a remarkable comeback to come up on the first position.

The Durbanite started the race in a very poor form producing an inferior performance that lacked endurance and valour. Her swimming attributes let her down as she dismally legged behind against her counterparts. She left the water in the seventh position. No one suspected that she was going to pull through. But her determination was the key to success.

Moreover, she tried to regain her momentum back when she ventured into the Biking race. Amber got stuck in the 8th position as she strived to catch up with the leaders. Even though she did not pull a good performance in cycling and swimming, Amber Schlebusch managed to utilise her athletic strength.

Amber Schlebusch at Youth Olympics
Amber Schlebusch

She inserted all her confidence in athletics and it seemed like she used her athletics prowess very well. And it worked to her advantage. During the race, she was trailing in her first two laps but all the experience she has allowed her to topple her competitors Webber and Madsen. When she was on the verge of crossing the line she was already busting in tears as she finished the race 11 seconds ahead of Madsen.

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