Abedi Pele HIV Positive in 1987?

There are a lot of things that have happened in the history of the world. Very few things have affected the world as the stigma that is associated with HIV and AIDS. Such stigma affected legendary African football player Abedi Ayew. The player that is commonly referred to as Africa’s Pele.

Barnard Pele

The Lie

Being stigmatised when one is suffering is bad but what is worse is to stigmatised when you are not infected with the virus. This is what happened to Abedi Pele. And the player did not even realise that he had been the victim of malicious rumour.

The fake news was generated by the infamous Olympique Marseille former president Bernard Tapie in 1987. This was at a time when many people did not fully understand the virus. Tapie told an employee of the Football team AS Monaco that he was glad to have “escaped” Ayew because he was HIV positive.

As a loyal employee, the person that Tapie told passed the information to his bosses. Who then asked the star from Ghana to take a blood test to which he refused. This confirmed the fears of the Monaco management. The deal was promptly cancelled and the player signed for Olympique Marseille the following morning.

Why Abedi Pele Refused the Blood Test

Now 74- years old the former Marseille president confesses that he is the one who poisoned the young footballer’s mind. The French businessman told “Pele” that the AS Monaco would subject him to blood tests that are only done to players from Africa. By the end of the conversation, they both agreed that it was not fair and that the player should not support such discriminatory behaviour. And that is exactly what the player did.

Abedi Ayew went on to help Olympique to win the French League in 1991 and 1992. He also won the UEFA Champions League in 1993 before leaving the team in the same year. Bernard Tapei left the club in 1994 and was jailed for financial inappropriation and match fixing.