A Gambler’s Assessment of SweatShops

Sweatshops have been deployed world over by many big manufacturing companies. These companies opt to open their sweatshops in countries where people are most vulnerable. However, at the end of the day, these people need jobs, isn’t it? So to some extent, sweatshops should be applauded.

Before people criticise the whole set up of a sweatshop, there is a need for them to be fair-minded and look at the bigger picture. Not everyone in the world is rich and educated, therefore poor and uneducated must also have something they rely on for income in their life. That is when sweatshops chip in and offer better living standards for the poor, uneducated and vulnerable individuals.

Advantages of a Sweatshops

In developing countries in Asia and Africa, sweatshops have managed to create employment for so many people. Even though some young people might be doing menial jobs which they did not study at University, it’s quite better to than to be stranded with nothing to do.

It is alright to work in a sweatshop whilst waiting for your dream job to come than to be jobless. Despite the high intensity that takes place at a sweatshop, these shops produce higher quantity and quality of products.

We can take companies such as Nike and Adidas as case studies.sweat shop factroy These companies have generated higher profits. This is because the sweatshop occupies a large number of people and that alone can increase production thus more money generation.

It is a well-known factor that money is a primary motivation for workers. However, the wages of people who work in a sweatshop factory are also in line with their standards of living. This clarifies that workers can afford a normal lifestyle in their country.

Disadvantages of a Sweatshops

A sweatshop comprises of a lot of people working under a same big factory house. Some critics highlighted that conditions are actually not conducive and they are very unethical.

This means workers can easily each other with diseases. There is also an issue of long working hours. This can hinder them to have enough resting time and time to have fun which surprisingly includes playing online casino.