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Whether you live in Australia, the Americas, Europe, or right here in South Africa – online sports betting is becoming a massive pastime and extremely popular. More countries are legalising sports betting, which is making it easier than ever. However, this greater flexibility is opening doors to some strange opportunities, and we are going to show you some of them today!

We’ve checked out the far corners of the globe to bring you this exciting list of the 7 weirdest sports to bet on around the world. Strangely enough, you can place bets on many of these at most of the leading online sportsbooks too! 

Who would have thought?


Okay, you are either booing or cheering here. Which means that leading off with this sport might have been the perfect heel turn for us! Wrestling jokes aside, these wrestlers have to be extremely athletic to pull off the moves and spots that they do day-in-day-out.

Yes, WWE or wrestling isn’t necessarily a weird sport. They pack out arenas multiple times a week for their hardcore fans.

With that being the case – what makes the WWE such a weird sport to bet on?

It is because the outcomes are predetermined… it is a scripted television show after all. Understandably so, the scripted nature is what keeps the WWE from entering mainstream gambling.

However, the variety of markets to place a bet on is what makes it so enjoyable to gamble on. Especially considering certain pay-per-view events like the Royal Rumble make for an exciting market. So, although you won’t see the mainstream status for these sites, many of the lesser-known sites will feature WWE betting.

The World Arm Wrestling League

Yes, arm wrestling is considered a sport by many, and we wouldn’t be surprised at the success of this niche seeing the decent crowds they generate and the fact that they have their own bonafide league!

The sport features two divisions, and the competitiveness is bustling. You can place a bet on stand-up or sit-down versions of arm wrestling.

Don’t forget there is always the chance of seeing some man or woman blow out their elbow in excruciating fashion for YouTube.


A sport that has been around for many thousands of years and strictly adhere to the International Olympic Committee anti-doping regulations. Given the popularity of chess, it’s not uncommon to see markets available for the many different national championships and world championships, especially in Europe and the United States of America.

Unfortunately, it is likely to be one of those sports that you either love or hate. You won’t find many markets outside of the typical head-to-head bets.


It is a game adored among American’s, and you’d likely find it being played at a barbeque or cookout. Typically seen as a drinking game, cornhole is the real deal, and the popularity of the game internationally has grown significantly in a very short period of time.

The game involves throwing bags of corn kernels into holes on an upwards-sloping board (hence the name). Yes, it is just like that game you are no doubt thinking of from the arcade.

Oddities aside, cornhole is exploding in Hong Kong, and some of the team names that play in the league that can be bet on through the Shekou Organisation are hilarious:

  • Game of Throws
  • Natural Corn Killers
  • We So Corny
  • Breaking Bags

It’s worth mentioning that we are big fans of cornhole becoming a top 10 sport overall.


This is known as Finland’s answer to baseball. It’s complete with pitchers, bases, and batters and looks similar to baseball but just looks much more fun. We think that Major League Baseball could probably get some pointers from Pesapallo, as it is called.

The pitcher doesn’t throw the ball at the batter. Instead, they throw the ball upwards into the air from in front of the batter. The field is more like a zig-zag diamond pattern, but the game needs to be seen to get a grasp of what is going on fully.

We like it, and we hope to see more.

Well done Finland, well done.

Gaelic Football

What would you say if we told you that there was a sport like no other, while also being like most others? Gaelic football is that sport. It features the suspense and skill of soccer, the high-scoring games like basketball, and the hard-hitting action and agility of rugby and Aussie rules.

Fine, Gaelic football isn’t that weird. It’s more or less the fact that so many aspects of all the great games are smashed into one epic action-fest of a sport. Plus, what is great about betting on Gaelic football is that the sites offer great markets with some in-depth possibilities to bet on.

It gets the nod from us.


Netball is still trying to get recognition as an Olympic sport. Which is ridiculous considering it is very popular – especially in places like England and indeed Australia where they have very competitive leagues that are supported decently.

The problem is that the game is very similar to basketball from first-glance, but on a more in-depth look, you will know they aren’t the same sport. Oh, and the fact that women mostly play it, and that means most ‘boards’ and ‘groups’ won’t take the sport that seriously (yeah, still – we know, right).

Whether you’ve heard of it or not, the game is fun to watch and play, but betting on netball is still teetering on the cusp of mainstream. 

However, you can find sites that offer a great variety of betting markets for the top leagues including the Netball Superleague, ANZ Championship, the Commonwealth Games, and World Netball Series.

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