It Is 4.20

There are things we all do growing up. We pick up life friends and life habits. One group of friends “The Waldos” started something that has grown bigger than themselves. Celebrating the first “4/20” since marijuana became available in retail stores in California, The Waldos can bask in the glory of being the originators of the code.

Who are The Waldos

The Waldos are a group of 5 friends from Northern California. Their road to fame started with a treasure hunt just like every good story should. The adventure was way back in 1971 at Point Reyes Forest.
This group of San Rafael High School students got the treasure map from a US Coast Guard officer. The treasure that this map was showing was a secret marijuana garden. But what has this got to do with 420?
4.20pm was the time the boys met to go and hunt for the weed stash. From that day the group kept on using 420 to refer to getting high. The code got popular after it was used by the band Grateful Dead. Members of the band were friends with The Waldos.
The “private” code word for getting high is now so popular that it is now in the Oxford Dictionary. This recognition of The Waldos contribution to modern language came in 2017. The group has also documented their claim to the phrase.

man lightining up marijuana


That is the date today. Thousands of people in the state of California will be attending blowout festivals today. A cross-section of the population will not go to work as they take time to celebrate this “holiday”. And there will be celebrities at some of these events.

The Real Value of 420

In the state of California, the figures are just amazing. More than 322 retail outlets sell marijuana to the public. The state produced more than 5,000 tons of weed in 2016. This year authorities expect weed sales to exceed R30 Billion. That is a lot of real money jackpots.

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