Factors Why Online Casino Accounts get Blocked

As much as online casinos offer online gamblers the best possible gaming experience. It is also fair to offer casino players a guide of what internet casinos do not allow any misconduct. The casino takes drastic measures for any form of misconduct or a glitch that is not understood. Online casino accounts blocked for some of the misdeeds. The casino cannot just block your account for no apparent reasons. There are certain reasons why casinos block the accounts of the player. Lets then take a look at some of the possible reason why you can get locked out of your Yebo Casino Blog.

Verification Issues on Online Casino Accounts

There are certain incidents whereby some online casino players request for a withdrawal yet their details have not been verified. This kind of practice could result in the suspension of your online casino account. Make sure you verify your account before you try and make any form of transaction.

Failed Login Attempts

Online Casino Accounts Blocked
Online Casino Accounts Access Denied

Failed Login attempts automatically block online casino accounts, it is actually one of the common reasons. Entering a wrong username or password too many times blocks players’ casino accounts. Sometimes it might not be you rather, it might be someone who is trying to log in your account unlawfully. Therefore if you enter a wrong password too many times that will cause your account to be blocked or suspended.

Violating the Terms and Conditions

Violating the terms and conditions of an online casino is a serious offence. Therefore you have to make sure that you read and understand what the terms of the online casino requires you to do. But if you opt to play at Yebo Online Casino the terms and conditions are actually fair and very clear

Enjoy online casino gambling for real today and become one of the biggest punters in online gambling.

Introducing the Importance of Written Contracts in Business

Written contracts play a vital role that enables the smooth sailing of any form of business transaction. A written contract does not only confirm an agreement between the concerned parties. Rather it can be used for future reference, it can serve as a proof or evidence in the event there is a misunderstanding between the concerned parties. The document is in use in every business that deals with real money. Even in online casino gambling, it is also applicable. There is an agreement between a player and a casino when the players accept the terms and conditions of the online casino. However, it is time to learn more about the importance of a written contract in business as we introduce to you some amazing facts.

Prevent Misunderstandings from Arising

Written contracts are usually available to parties that are venturing into a business agreement. The reason why contracts are so important is that they give a clear understanding of the terms and conditions. Terms and conditions of written contracts include the expectations of each party. Moreover, the contract is a reminder that business must be taken seriously. That alone can give peace of mind to both parties and any breach of contract through any misconduct will lead to the termination of the agreement.

Written Contracts important for real money deals
importance of written contracts

Written Contracts Provide Security and Peace of Mind

Striking a deal involving the signing of contracts provides a lot of security to both parties. Unlike some deals whereby people just come to terms without signing anything. But signing a contract will offer you all the security you need. Therefore there will be no reason for you to be petrified. Rather sit back relax and play online casino games for real money at Yebo Online casino.

Above all, it is wise to venture into a business deal knowing you are securing your investments by putting pen to paper.


Premium Benefits of Online Casino Customer Support Service

Online casino games have flooded the internet more than the waters have taken over the deep oceans. The development has led to a huge collection of online casino games for real money. While it is the online casino games that offer players the best gaming experience it is the online casino customer support service that offers every player piece of mind. The customer support service is there to answer all your questions and to offer you great help. They will also help you understand the terms and conditions of a certain promotion as well as games on offer.

There are high-quality free benefits that the online casino customer support service offer. And at Yebo Casino it’s always smooth sailing when it comes to customer service delivery. Let’s mention some of the benefits you are likely to get at Yebo Casino.

Online Casino Customer Support premium benefits
Online Casino Customer Support Service

Deposit and Withdrawals Methods

Since online casino gambling is all about real money gambling. Most issues or misunderstandings come when players want to make their withdrawals. In the event that a player is facing difficulties with withdrawing their funds. It is a wise idea to approach the customer support of the casino. The online casino customer support service must be in a position to make sure you get all the help you need. However, at Yebo casino we offer our players different platforms to communicate with our customer support team. You can communicate with our team via Live Chat or email.

Games and Software Provider Available

As we have mentioned before, online casinos carry a lot of games. Therefore, most online gamblers encounter a lot of hassles when they are searching for games on the site. But if you are operating with an online casino like Yebo casino you will never go wrong. The support team will assist you to look for the game you want to bet for real money. And you will be good to go.

Top Things an Online Casino Website Must Have

Online casino websites have become very popular on the internet. There are hundreds of online casino sites, as a result, casino players are spoilt for choice. But one thing you should take note of is what really does the site encompass.  However, you need not to worry Yebo casino has a marvellous online casino website that carries all the fundamentals only casino players asks for. Yebo casino site is actually in its own league.

There is only one way to find out if the above assessment is true. Above all, it’s not only about us but what a proper casino site should look like and the information it should provide to the clients.

Safety is available for players as well as their hard earned cash. The site must showcase the legitimacy of the casino. And at Yebo Casino all that information is clearly provided.

An Amazing Welcome Bonus

The real battle that online casinos have is to offer the best Welcome bonus for the players so that they become regular players. Therefore, the site must clearly indicate the information regarding the bonuses and how they are attained. In addition, bonuses intice online casino players to bet for real money. So online casinos must provide that information clearly and straightforward.

Online Casino Website for real money gamblers
Online Casino Website

VIP Program on Online Casino Website

Bonuses and promotions are actually attractive. VIP Programs backing for these makes them more awesome . The site, therefore, is required to provide solid and convincing VIP programs. These programs must be there to cater to loyal casino players so that they stay to gamble more real money.

Collection of Games

The above information might come very handy. But the reason we are all here is because of the games. Therefore online casino games must be provided with all the required information.


Key Points Why Chelsea Lost the Carabao Cup Final

In a pulsating night at Wembley stadium, Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City lifted the Carabao Cup for the second time in a row. But Chelsea FC’s woes mounted continuously as Sarri failed to control one of his players. After a 6-0 humiliation against City in the Premier League. The Blues motive was to put things right in this encounter. But a lot of insubordination by some of the team members triggered more talk of Sarri losing his managerial job.

However, there are certain key points that led to the Blues misery. We are going to highlight where exactly Chelsea FC lost the Cup Final.

Chelsea FC’s lack of Goal Threat

During the first stage of the Premier League, Chelsea FC was unbeaten for a quite number of games. But they didn’t score a chunk of goals. That kind of form followed them in the season. They went on to loan Juventus’ top striker, Gonzalo Higuain and Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud, to beef up the strike force but to no avail. Players such as Pedro, Willian and Hazard have the same style of play and all of them are not strikers. Therefore that’s one of the reasons why Chelsea couldn’t find the back of the net against Manchester City.

Kepa Arrizabalaga Refusing Substitution

Chelsea’s positive momentum in the last hour of the encounter against was eroded by Kepa’s refusal to come off. The young goalkeeper was suffering from cramps. It is quite understandable that Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri wanted him out so that Willy Caballero the penalty hero against Liverpool last season could save the day. But the Spanish international thought otherwise. The drama unfolded when Sarri realised he has been disobeyed.

Chelsea Fc goal Keeper refusing substituion
Chelsea FC Kepa Arrizabalaga Refusing substitution

However, Chelsea’s former captain John Terry felt like Sarri has lost control of the players. And he might be on his way out of the Bridge. However, what we can only do is play online casino games and wait to see Sarri’s fate.


The World’s Most Beautiful Banknotes

Online casino players mostly talk about winning real money and placing bets for real money. But they don’t take some time appreciating the beautiful appearance of money. Well, we are not tired to do it on their behalf. However, it has to be said there are a lot of good looking, crafted banknotes in the world. The banknotes cannot only be attractive rather they must carry the real value for money. There is no substitute for quality, therefore, some of the beautiful banknotes we are about to reveal to you cannot be matched by any other.

Bermuda $2 Banknote

Beautiful Banknotes of Bermuda
Bermuda Beautiful $2 Banknotes

This colourful $2 note has become the favourite amongst money traders. Even online casino gamblers value the note very much. Not only because of its value but it is very attractive to have it in your pockets. Some of the amazing features on the beautiful banknotes  include the Optiks embedded thread along with a watermarked hibiscus. Not only that, the note carries a very transparent butterfly. This can only become visible to the naked eyes when closely inspected.

Uganda 50 Shilling Note

The appearance of the Uganda 50 Shilling stole the heart of the International Banknote Society (IBNS). The mouth-watering design of the note amused the IBNS there is no doubt whatsoever. The Ugandan reserve bank actually put in a lot of work to come up with that extraordinary design. The silverback mountain and the Independence Monument on the note are very applaudable.


Above all, We cannot determine the beauty of the Rand because of the Madhibha pictures. But the main concept that encompasses the South African Rand is the value it brings to the online casino landscape. Online casino player’s gamble for real with the Rand and value is absolutely magnifique. Gamble for real money today at Yebo Casino using the Rand and you will treasure the currency’s value.