How Best to Clean a Computer Keyboard

Have you ever been pissed with the dirt that your computer keypad has? That must be a major concern especially if you are playing online casino games. How then can you win real money when your qwerty keyboard is full of dirty. The dirt on your computer keyboard is a major distraction.

However, when the dirt becomes too much then you must know it needs a little bit of cleaning. But what we have noticed is that most people are ignorant on how to clean the computer keyboard. therefore, let this article serves its purpose and educates you on how best you can clean the full sized keyboard.

Turn the Computer Keyboard Upside Down

how to clean computer keyboard
Cleaning Computer keyboard

This is the first thing that most people do before they apply anything on the keypads. Most numeric keypads keep the dirty under the keycap. Therefore, shake out all the dirt you possibly can. Flip the key and tap the bottom, don’t tap too hard because some of you might end up damaging the keyboard. If you are using computer keyboards that contain removable caps then you can take them off and shake all the dirt.

Brush Out the Dirty

Most computers come with well-designed brushes that you must use to clean your keypads. The brushes are provided in different shapes depending on the type of keyboard you have. The brush will you help you get rid of all the dirty invading your computer numeric keypads.

However, if you don’t fancy any of the brushes that come with your computer cleaning kit you can use household replacement. A toothbrush, for instance, will clean the same as the brushes. Though they will delay you a bit because they are only able to clean row by row of keys. Also, this method require you to be more cautious because you might damage your machine.