DJ Arch Junior Goes Global

DJ Arch Junior Goes Global

At the age of six DJ Arch Junior has attracted the global attention. The Johannesburg born boy stole the limelight when he became the youngest man to win SA’s Got Talent in 2015.  He was aged 3-years-old at that time. Born Oratilwe AJ Hlongwane DJ Arch was announced to compete at the first ever 25 act America Got Talent The Champions.

Arch Junior grabs a global status
DJ Arch Captivate the World

The series featured a lot of recognised contestants from the previous seasons. Despite the Odds being against him, his prowess in Disc Joking captivated a lot of audiences. The young champion has gone places and he has raised high the South African flag. South Africa as a nation is now in the Guinness book of records because of DJ Arch’s talent

Oratilwe has been named the World’s youngest DJ by Guinness World Records.

DJ Arch Success Story

Oratilwe AJ Hlongwane a 6-year-old Joburg boy started showing signs for his love of music at a very young age. His father Glen Hlongwane unleashed the talent of the young boy when he bought him an iPad for toddlers. The iPad was meant for educational purpose but with a djay software which was installed Oratilwe thought otherwise.

The signs of his deejaying prowess started showing off some amazing talents by using the App. Moreover, his magnificent deejay skills was showcased on social media. It was not a surprise that the audiences were captivated by the lad’s brilliant rhythms and how he operate the DJ desk at such a young age.

Furthermore, DJ Arch was flooded with opportunities from various big companies in Mzansi and beyond. He has been called to perform at various media houses such as radio stations and ETV along with the SABC.

He also performed at the AFRIMA in Nigeria All African Music Awards. Above all, he is now a brand ambassador for UNICEF representing other kids of his age.