Social Media Outrage Over Nomuzi Mabena Staged Car Crush

A terrific Thursday loomed around 11 pm. This was after the hip hop artist and television presenter Nomuzi mabena posted a live Instagram video that showed her getting involved in a serious car accident.

The video sent social media into a rage as most people thought Nomuzi Mabena popularly known as “Moozlie” has been involved in a serious car accident. The people of Mzansi later realised that this whole thing was just a mere campaign.

At Yebo casino we view Moozlie’s campaign very necessary. And we hope it sent a clear and strong message to every South African driver. Nomuzi Mabena collaborated with VW to stage a top of the bar campaign that sent mixed feelings amongst social media users.

The Reason Why Nomuzi Mabena Staged the VW Campaign

With a high increase of devastating road accidents that are caused by drinking and driving along with negligent driving. Nomuzi Mabena VW campaign was quite necessary even though it was received with a negative concept. But the reaction from people of Mzansi clearly showed that the message was well encoded.

Nomuzi After the Car Crush
Nomuzi Mabena on VW Campaign

The campaign was not meant to make South Africans and the rest of the world panic. Rather it wanted to serve a good purpose by sending a message to the world. The message is just simple, the use of cell phones whilst driving is actually a no-no. As much as we want you to enjoy playing online casino games, we also condemn the practice the of using mobile phones whilst driving.

However, there were mixed feelings from social media soon after the mass realised that the accident was staged. Some blasted Nomuzi Mabena for opening old wounds. That is if you have a relative or a loved one who died in a car accident. But the message isn’t for the dead isn’t it?

From all of us at Yebo Casino Nomuzi Mabena VW campaign was a necessary rude awakening. And also it was done in the utmost good faith to protect our casino players.