Andy Murray Announces Retirement

Andy Murray has hinted that this Wimbledon could be the last tournament of his tennis career. The three times Grand Slam winner addressed the media in Melbourne on Friday as he was in tears during the media brief.

The decision for the retirement came after Murray has experienced severe pain on his hip. He mentioned that he might have further hip surgery to ensure that he enjoys his retirement without any pain. “The pain is too much,” Murray said. “I need to have an endpoint because I’m playing with no idea when the pain will stop.

The British tennis player is very eager to play until Wimbledon, but he is not certain if he will manage to compete at the top level. “I’d like to play until Wimbledon, that when I’d like to stop playing, but I’m not certain if I’m able to do that.

Furthermore, Murray ruled out competing in the doubles in the future. This means the possibility of teaming up with his older brother Jamie will remain a pipeline dream.

Raw Emotions during Andy Murray Media Brief

Andy Murray’s emotions when he walked into the media room, gave the media a kiss and tell impression. His mood clearly shows that he was not in the right state of mind.

Murray in Tears during the media brief
Andy Murray in Tears

For so many years Murray had shown out his emotions on different levels. Back then you could tell that Andy has won or lost a match through the way he will be addressing the media. But today it was different.

After being asked a simple question, How are you feeling? Andy found it difficult to answer, rather opted to cover his face with a cap and erupted in tears.

The announcement really got to him and it clearly showed that he has made one of the most difficult decisions of his life. Above all, this is not the end of the world. And Murray can enjoy playing online casino games and win real money.