The Different Between Wild Symbols and Scatter Symbols Explained

Online casino symbols have become the main centre of attraction for online casino players. Online casino slots are evolving each and every year. But one of the most essential thing that has managed to stick around are the Scatter symbols and the Wild symbols. Some online casino offers them and some don’t. However, at Yebo Casino when everything is boiling to the core all the games available come with both symbols at your exposal.

Therefore, let’s take this moment and differentiate these most valuable symbols in the online gambling trade.

Online casino symbols for Mzansi players 2019
Online Casino Symbols

Online Casino Scatter Symbols

If you are an online casino slot guru clearly you know how online casino scatters symbols work. But if you are a newbie to the trade then you will have a lot of questions that need prompt answers. Don’t worry yourself it is our duty at Yebo Casino to educate you on how you can win real money with the available online casino symbols.

However, a scatter symbol’s main primary purpose on an online slot machine is to trigger or activate a Free Spin or what can be called a bonus game. In normal cases, a Scatter symbol is usually active but you need to land it on the Payline consecutively so that the feature can be triggered. Furthermore, some Scatter symbols need 3 or more whilst others will need 2.

Wild Symbols

The Wild symbol or the Wild card is the real deal when it comes to internet gambling. The reason why most online gamblers aim for the Wild Symbol is that it forms a winning combination that will reward players with high wins. Wildcards are never difficult to find when playing online slot at Yebo casino this is because there are a plethora of them. Some of the examples of Wild Symbols include; Sticky Wild Symbols, Trailing Wild Symbols among others.

So make sure when you play for real money at Yebo casino remember that Wild symbols are available to give meaning to your gambling experience.