The FIFA 2018 World Cup Euphoria

The World Cup is HereIt’s finally here! The world’s biggest football tournament has finally kicked off! The different time zones did not stop football fans around the world from watching both the opening ceremony and the first match. Billions of people all over the world tuned in to see the soccer showcase begin.

Time Difference

The time difference in Russia with other countries has led to a lot of head scratching amongst soccer fans. Although not part of the tourney, Chile and United States of America are some of the countries that will be in doldrums as the time difference between them and Russia is not friendly.

The time difference between Russia, America and Chile is quite worrying, as Russia is six hours ahead of the other two nations.

Countries on the African continent such as South Africa and Nigeria are all in a jolly mood. This is because they will not in any way be affected by the time difference between themselves and Russia.

The Kick-Off

The first match between the host Russia and Saudi Arabia will kicked off at 17:00hrs Russian time. This was the same time in Saudi Arabia. Although Saudi Arabia did not win the match, their fans still have hope as it was just the first game.

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