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If you were going to combine two completely unrelated themes into one, the most successful way to do it would be with sports and farmyard animals. That is exactly what the developers at Real Time Gaming have done with the game of Basketbull, a fun and well-illustrated game hosted by Yebo Casino. With symbols such as the bulldog, the cow and the ram to add a farmyard feel, and the basketball hoop to bring the sports feel to the game, this is one that is quirky and highly entertaining.

This penny slot is ideal for new players who want to stretch their betting money as far as it can go. The top jackpots though are more than enough to satisfy any player with a set 10 000 coins waiting to be won in the fixed jackpot. Players can also win more if they spot the Basketbull symbol on the reels, as this is the wild, but the cow, bulldog and ram are the ones to keep an eye on if you want a fixed jackpot. The cow offers a generous 2 500 coins, the bulldog brings 1 250 and the ram only rewards you with 1 000 coins.

The game has a wide range of special features from the scatter and wild to the bonus game. Find the scatter three of more times on the reels to access the bonus game, which as you may have expected of a game that has a basketball theme, is a free throw simulator. The reels will spin fast though, so be sure to keep your eye on that scatter, which is the ball. You can stop the reels with the stop button if you feel like the game is going too fast.

In the free throw game, you will get three free spins to begin with. You will then be prompted to throw the ball into the hoops and will double the free spins with every basket you make. Prizes in this mini game will them be tripled with a multiplier and you can even re-trigger the free spins.

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The game has two decent progressive jackpots to be won and though the amounts at last count weren’t very high, they are certainly worth the time and the wager you put into the game. As you may have expected, the progressives are totally random, which means that though the game of basketball may require some skill, you won’t need any kind of skill to win these jackpots. All you’ll need is a bit of luck. The game even offers players an autoplay mode, which means there is very little you will need to do in order to guarantee yourself a win.

All in all, this game has a lot to offer players and even if you are not much of a sport fan, or a farmyard animal fan for that matter, you will definitely appreciate the great graphics and the amount of thought that have gone into making this game a very successful one.

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